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Meet Dr Karen E Wells

Leading Hypnosis & Holistic Coach,

International Trainer &

Bestselling Author

I’ve helped thousands of people qualify in their therapy and I’ve helped them to build a successful therapy business wherever they are in the world.

I’ve been a successful Therapist for over 20 years helping clients resolve their personal issues & helping therapists build a thriving therapy business. The combination of my experience with thousands of clients and students & my Doctorate background ensures that I know the quick & effective ways of working with the subconscious for Dynamic Healing. I am the biggest Online Course Provider for Hypnosis & Specialised Regression Packages & my Coaching Programs get guaranteed transformational results for you and your clients.


I’ve taught in many countries around the world including UK, Europe, USA & Australia.

I’m also the author of 2 best selling books and a pioneer in specialized techniques with over 300,000 students enrolled in my courses.

Dr Karen E Wells

Just Imagine…

Imagine having a thriving business that not only gives you the satisfaction of successfully helping thousands of clients, but also gives you freedom in your life.

If you:

Are an existing Practitioner or even at the start of your therapy career & need support & guidance to build your therapy business successfully

Desire to help hundreds to thousands of people but find that your existing therapies are not giving you or your clients the results you need for real transformation

Envision being financially and time free

Aren’t sure where to start with building your thriving business

I understand because I have been there, too.

Study with Dr Karen

Academy of Thriving Therapy
iKEW Education
Hologram Hypnosis
Life Chat
Student Testimonial

Tammy Creo, USA

I just finished this course and I am extremely happy with what I learned. Karen gave a lot of information and ideas with different approaches and situation. I really loved this course and I will  buy more once I have assimilated this one.

Thank you Karen for your magnificent work.

Student Testimonial

Madelynn Bell, UK


After taking a much longer class on Hypnotherapy I was still wasn’t feeling confident in my skills as a hypnotherapist. I was feeling very discouraged and decided on a whim to give this course a try. I now wish I had taken this course first! This is the only course you need to learn hypnotherapy!

There is so much knowledge in this course and the guidebook was a huge help.

Student Testimonial

Shelly Driver, South Africa

This course is exactly what I’ve been searching for as I progress on my journey as a Therapist.

So much in depth knowledge, techniques, assistance, support all guiding you to be the very best therapist you can be.

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