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Build Your Thriving Therapy Business

with Dr Karen E Wells


About Karen

Hypnotherapist, International Trainer & Bestselling Author

I’ve helped thousands of people qualify in their therapy and I’ve helped them to build a successful therapy business wherever they are in the world.

I’ve been a successful Therapist for over 17 years helping clients resolve their personal issues & helping therapists build a thriving therapy business. The combination of my experience with thousands of clients and students & my Doctorate background ensures that I know the quick & effective ways of working with the subconscious for Dynamic Healing. I am the biggest Online Course Provider for Hypnosis & Specialised Regression Packages & my Coaching Programs get guaranteed transformational results for you and your clients.


I’ve taught in many countries around the world including UK, Europe, USA & Australia.

I’m also the author of 2 best selling books and a pioneer in specialized techniques with over 250,000 students enrolled in my courses.

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What I Specialize In

Dynamic Hypnotherapy Techniques

Over 150 Courses within the Therapy Fields

Helping you to Build A Thriving Therapy Business

Achieve Your Life & Business Goals

Tools to Freedom!

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